About reducing wear of your retainer

Wow, you have now reached the end of your managed orthodontic care! Congratulations! it is still important to continue a schedule of wear of your orthodontic retainers (plates).

Research has shown that teeth continue to move throughout a person’s life during the normal process of ageing. It therefore is important to continue the minimum schedule of wear for the retainers, one night per week.

To be able to achieve this minimum schedule, a gradual reducing wear schedule is recommended in the following manner.

  • Try to wear the plates alternating nights (i.e. every second night) and continue this practice for a further three months.
  • After three months, reduce the wear of the plates to twice a week (Monday and Thursday or Sunday and Wednesday, i.e. NOT consecutive nights).
  • Again after three months, reduce the plate wear to one night a week. However, it is recommended that one night per week be maintained.

If at any time, as you follow this reducing schedule, the plates seem difficult or tight to place in your mouth, the tightness may indicate that you are not ready to reduce the wear at this stage and you will need to reverse the schedule and resume wearing the plates for a further three months at the previous rate.

Future retention visits

Future retention visits will now be charged per appointment. Each retention visit will be at a minimum cost of $92.00. This fee is payable at the time of the appointment, please note that the prices quoted are subject to change without notification.
If any additional orthodontic records are required, then additional fees will be applicable.

Repairs or replacement of lost or broken retainers (plates) will also incur charges:

  • Invisible retainers: A fee of $130.00 per plate will apply. These fees are subject to change without notification.
  • Acrylic retainers: Acrylic retainers are made by a certified laboratory technician. There is a cost for the replacement of these retainers and so please look after them by keeping them in their containers when they are not in your mouth.
  • Bonded Retainers: Repairs or replacement of bonded retainers (orthodontic holding wires placed behind the upper/lower teeth) will incur a fee and so please treat them with care.