Your First Visit

The goal of the initial visit to our practice is to determine if any orthodontic treatment is necessary, and if so, when it would be appropriate to start. The first visit consists of highly advanced digital X-Rays, pictures of the face and teeth, a thorough clinical examination of the face, jaw joints, smile, mouth and a discussion of your concerns and/or orthodontic problems. A patient’s or parent’s concerns and desires are our highest priority.

If it is the appropriate time to address these orthodontic problems, Dr O’Callaghan will thoroughly analyse these comprehensive diagnostic records to determine the best course of orthodontic treatment and to develop an individualised treatment plan. Our treatment coordinator will discuss all treatment options with you and outline an affordable payment plan for treatment.

Regular Appointments

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, then you will visit us at regular intervals typically 8-10 weeks apart for adjustments. These appointments are usually shorter in duration and can often be scheduled before or after school or work.

Patient Forms

To assist us with your care, please download and fill out the following forms so you can bring them to your first appointment.

New Patient Form
Consent Form